Is Medical Marijuana in a Fight for its Life in Washington State?

Marijuana in WashingtonIn July of this year the Drug Enforcement Administration raided four medical Marijuana dispensaries. Keep in mind that this was approximately nine months after Washington State voters passed Initiative 502 legalizing the recreational use of marijuana by adults. This begs the question…why hit the points of access now?

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Vancouver Marijuana Dispensary – Delivery Service

Fancyweed opening Vancouver Marijuana Dispensary in Vancouver Washington

Washington Marijuana Delivery - Fancyweed

Fancyweed Starts Marijuana Delivery Service

One of Washington’s high end growers is starting a Marijuana Dispensary Delivery service in Vancouver. Fancyweed has been donating medical marijuana in Washington for around 8 years now. He is well known as a top shelf grower in many circles. His clients up to this point have been patients that desire exquisite bud and are very discriminating in their desire to have the best example of Cannabis medicine.

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New Longview Washington Marijuana Dispensary

Longview Washington will be welcoming a new Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Fancyweed will be opening the doors in the middle of November. Well not really opening the doors as they will be offering their meds as a Marijuana Delivery Service. They will cover the area from Toledo to Battleground Washington along the I-5 corridor. Longview is really due to have a local Longview Washington Marijuana Dispensary for their patients.

Fancyweed has been growing top shelf meds for over 5 years now. As a medical patient him self, clean, quality marijuana is extremely necessary for patients.

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Recreational Marijuana Use Will Not Be Federally Attacked

Feds State They Will Not Sue To Stop Legal Marijuana Use

Colorado and Washington Recreational Marijuana Not Top Proirity For The Federal GovernmentIt is the beginnings of what medical and recreational marijuana users all over the country were hoping for…the Federal Government to back off of pursuing and prosecuting growers, Marijuana Dispensaries and users. Last week, after months of silence, the federal government announced that it will not sue to stop the states of Colorado and Washington from allowing recreational marijuana use.

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Marijuana Could Become Cash Cow

Is Legal Marijuana a Cash Cow for the US?

Marijuana and Taxes

The Cash Cow

Is legalizing marijuana going to be a cash cow for the United States? Many users and supporters in general say yes…while decenters claim that more money will be spent on the after effects. Sure enough, however, no matter which side you fall on opinion wise, it appears that, to some degree, cannabis may be a nice little influx of tax dollars for most states.

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Port Townsend Washington Now Has A Marijuana Dispensary

Medical Marijuana Dispensary – A Part of the Port Townsend Landscape

Port Townsend Washington has taken a giant step into the future with the opening of a new medical marijuana dispensary in the downtown area. Washington Marijuana Dispensary owner James Loe says that he expects the dispensary to be well received. He says they have gotten a lot of positive feedback from people in the area. According to local reports there are a lot of medical marijuana patients in the Port Townsend area. Loe stated that, until now, local patients had to drive out of town to get their medicine but now his place will remedy that.

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Should Washington Tax Marijuana Dispensaries

Washington Medical Marijuana vs. 502 Recreational Marijuana Use        

Marijuana Dispensaries In Washington StateWhen proponents of recreational marijuana use in Washington State began their fight to legalize the substance one thing never occurred to them…they would hit a bump in the road caused by the medical marijuana industry and the Marijuana Dispensaries that service their patients. A bump they have hit however leaving some to ask how on earth did this happen?

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Are The Feds On The Same Page As Washington State

Washington State Marijuana Regulators – Imput from the Feds Would Be Nice

Washington State Marijuana Regulators are in the midst of doing something never before accomplished – drafting rules for the state’s new legal recreational marijuana industry. They are starting from scratch and although they have heard a lot of suggestions as to how to proceed, what they would really like is clearer directives from the federal government. It has, after all become a task of developing a system that could avoid being shut down.

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Do We Need To Tax Medical Marijuana In Washington?

Medical Marijuana – A Tax Dollar Coup?


Medical Marijuana

Should We Tax Medical Marijuana Dispensaries?

With the advent of the new recreational marijuana use laws in both Washington State and Colorado there have been a lot of off-shoots on the issue of marijuana in general. Two of those are Medical marijuana and the newly coined “pot tourism”. Both are of great interests to states also considering the move to legalize some form of marijuana.

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America’s Changing Attitude Toward Marijuana

A Shift is on the Wind – Relaxing Marijuana Laws is becoming Trend

Change is in the wind and on the wind there is smoke…the smoke of thousands of cannabis users who are now enjoying a new outlook by most in terms of marijuana use. Many believe that with the new laws regarding recreational use of marijuana, that there has been a change in the United States making most folks more relaxed about marijuana use. Making cannabis legal will provide relief for those who use medical marijuana without the hassle and take some of the steam out of the operations of drug cartels.

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